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Pics From The Gulf Coast Ride On 10.16.04   >>Click<<



Below Are the Directions                                                                                                                    

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Gulf Coast Run

Here are the Basic Directions for The Gulf Coast Run, 

I will Assume that we will meet in Tampa, possibly at My Scuba Shop  ( )

We first head south to I-275 and make our way across the Sunshine Skyway

Then we make our way south on  US 19 


This part gets a little confusing, but we can get thru it fine. We stay on US 19 and it

becomes US 41.


(19 to 41)


Now US 41 becomes  301... 

At Manatee Ave we turn West  and head to Anna Maria Island


(41 to 301 to Manatee)


At the end of Manatee Ave (on Anna Maria Island) we turn south.


(Manatee to Anna Maria Island)


We keep going Longboat Key


( Down to LB Key


At the South end of Longboat Key we will go thru St Armands Circle.

(if U don't know what this place is, just understand that the house here are worth millions)

From the circle we head back to the mainland and into Sarasota.


(St A's Circle to Sarasota)



We will only be on the mainland for a couple minutes as we go south and approach the

North Bridge to Siesta Key. We Jump On to Siesta Key and  head South again.



(Thru Sarasota to Siesta Dr)


Once on Siesta Dr ( the main road on Siesta Key) we keep going



(south on Siesta Dr)


From Siesta Dr we will bear right and get on Ocean Blvd.

On Ocean Blvd there is a place called  "The Village". We will come back to the Village in a few minutes.

We pass the Village and head to Siesta Beach - the public beach

We stop for a minute but we keep going south.




We will go past the last (south) bridge back to the mainland.

We continue to Turtle Beach-the farthest we can travel.

The we turn around and head Back to the Village for food folks and fun.

After that, We do it in reverse




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KQ Manual

Gulf Run 10.16.04

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